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Club History

Lerum SD had the first beginnerclass in 1981 and was founded in 1983. The club has 40 members. We dance Squaredance every Tuesday in Floda.

In 1986 Lerum SD hosted the Swedish National Convention and in 1989 The World Square Dance Convention. The club have also hosted Swedish National Challenge Convetion 2000-2010.

Some of the callers who have called for us are Oggie Oswald, Wade Driver, Al Stevens, Dave Preskitt, Dave Taylor, Bob Comyn, Dave Crissey, Jim Robar, Herschel Tolson, Bill Petterson, Guy Adams, Barry Wonson, Mike Sikorsky, Johnny Preston, Paul Bristow, Mike DeSisto, Dave Wilson, David Cox, Steve Turner, Ian McConnell, Nasser Shukayr, Wayne Morvent, Ross Howell, Chris Phillips, Todd Fellegy, Saundra Bryant, Bill Haynes, Barry Clasper, Vic Ceder and David Heffron.

Lerum SD is a member of Swedish Association of American Square Dance Clubs.



Vice President:
Board Member:
Club Caller:
Thommy Ahlborg
Peter Törnqvist
Else-Maj Eskengren
Marianne Gustafsson

Kjell Munthe
Thomas Bernhed




Time: 18.30-21.00
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Floda Lada, Floda Allé 4, 448 30 Floda

Date Caller Level
4 Sep Thomas Bernhed Beginners
11 Sep Mari-Ann Kjellberg Beginners
18 Sep Vainor Törnqvist A1 Class-A1
25 Sep Thomas Bernhed A1-A2
2 Oct Thomas Bernhed A1 Class-A1
9 Oct Joakim Bering A1 Class-A1
16 Oct Thomas Bernhed A1 Class-A1
23 Okt Thomas Bernhed A1 Kurs-A1
30 Oct Thomas Bernhed A1-A2
6 Nov Gugge Törnquist A1 Class-A1
13 Nov Thomas Bernhed A1 Class-A1
20 Nov Thomas Bernhed A1 Class-A1
27 Nov Thomas Bernhed A1-A2
4 Dec  Thomas Bernhed P-A1



Callerlabs definitioner
SAASDC och danslistan
Dancing in Gothenburg
Vic Ceder
Animerade squaredanscall B - C3B


Webmaster Thomas Bernhed.

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